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Escrime Motion Studies, 1890

Étienne-Jules Marey was a French scientist and pioneer in several fields. His early work was in medicine, studying blood flow, but his studies ventured into locomotion where he engaged photographic analysis. His achievements include development of early motion photographic techniques … Continue reading

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Martinez Academy Sabre Exhibition

In this short video clip, Maestro Martinez and Jared Kirby conduct a Northern Italian dueling sabre assault exhibition.  It would appear to me that they both are using the light S2000 style modern blades which are significantly lighter than the … Continue reading

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Easier to Use Fencing Terms Page

Thanks to Patrick’s efforts, our Fencing Terms page has grown to well over 250 terms from the Classical period, and the list continues to grow.  Alphabetical links now make navigating the document easier. You can now more easily jump from … Continue reading

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French Fencing Sources on Using the Unarmed Hand to Parry or Oppose an Incoming Blade

Early in western fencing’s history, the nonsword hand played an important role.  And, as usual, Italian masters led the way. Achille Marozzo’s 1536 Opera Nova instructed readers as to how to hold a sword and a buckler.  For a multitude … Continue reading

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A Word from Our Italian Brethren

Here are a couple of more or less recently-published (or republished) books that are definitely worthwhile.  I’ve ordered mine and I encourage you to do likewise. The first is Greenhill’s second printing of edition of Capo Ferro’s Italian Rapier Combat.  … Continue reading

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