A Word from Our Italian Brethren

Here are a couple of more or less recently-published (or republished) books that are definitely worthwhile.  I’ve ordered mine and I encourage you to do likewise.

The first is Greenhill’s second printing of edition of Capo Ferro’s Italian Rapier Combat.  It’s importance to fencing goes without saying.  You can get more information on the book and order it here.

The second is the Art of the Dueling Sabre by Christopher A. Holzman, a double-barreled contribution to sabre fencing.  On his site, Christopher Amberger summarizes Holzman’s book better than I ever could:

“Holzman selected the Italian original of Cav. Settimo del Frate as his starting point. First published in 1872 and reprinted in 1876 and 1885, it was written for use as a text book in Radaelli’s Milanese fencing master school. Now, the easy way out would’ve been to provide the reader with an accurate translation, throw in a few footnotes and call it a day. But Holzman not only provides an accurate translation of del Frate’s texts on the saber and the dueling sword (the Italian version of the modern épée), including the lesson schedules. He also puts the material into its proper historical and developmental context of the two big Italian schools of Radaelli (Northern Italian, Milanese) and Parise (Southern Italian, Neapolitan). He supplements the information with details on the morphology of the military-issued weapons that these methods were developed for.”

Holzman is a Kansas-based fencing instructor and lawyer.  You can order his book here.

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