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The Art of Never Being Killed or Wounded in a Duel

The estimable Phil Crawley recently posted this excerpt to the Smallsword Symposium group. Given the gravity of a legitimate duel, this is refreshing approach from an entirely different direction. This is reblogged here with Mr. Crawley’s permission. By the care … Continue reading

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Martinez Academy Sabre Exhibition

In this short video clip, Maestro Martinez and Jared Kirby conduct a Northern Italian dueling sabre assault exhibition.  It would appear to me that they both are using the light S2000 style modern blades which are significantly lighter than the … Continue reading

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Historic Duels

Given our recent examination of the dueling sword, I thought a look at some video footage of historic duels would be of interest. If you are not familiar with the videos republished by YouTube user schlager7, they demonstrate interesting and … Continue reading

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National WWI Museum

The twins and I missed practice today, but enjoyed the National WWI Museum in KC.  These may be of interest.

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Fencing Diagram

My last post showing a French fencing diagram generated several views from throughout Europe.  As a result, I thought this similar image may be of interest.  It may be Portuguese in origin, or perhaps Spanish or Galician.  The source that … Continue reading

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