Here you will find pdf versions of certain CCF-authored documents.  You should feel free to use them or download them for your noncommercial use, attributing copyright as necessary.

Please note that CCF does not claim that these documents are authoritative or dispositive as to classical fencing practice. They reflect only CCF instructors’ continuing research and experience as to best practices. Others will have worthwhile disagreements with what is posted here.

Blog Posts

Here are pdf versions of certain CCF blog posts.


From time to time, Columbia Classical Fencing creates handouts or other documents for its members or when CCF is asked to teach at workshops. These documents generally encapsulate materials to be taught in class or at these workshops. Thus, because they are always meant to be coupled with face-to-face instruction, they are necessarily incomplete. However, in the goal of spreading the interest of classical fencing as widely as possible, CCF will make those documents available here.

CCF wants to express its deep gratitude to Scott, Ella, and Clara Wright, all of whom took the photos of the fencing model you see in these documents. Also, CCF thanks Benjamin Bowles, who graciously allowed CCF to use pictures of Benjamin Arms’s weapons.

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