About CCF

Columbia Classical Fencing, LLC is a groupMadame Collie Fencing at Angelo's, by Thomas Rowlandson, 1816. of fencing enthusiasts in the Mid-Missouri area.  Based in Columbia, MO, CCF practices classical fencing.  “Classical fencing” is fencing as it was practiced in the West in the 19th century, which was not merely an exercise but considered to be preparation for actually sword fights.  To that end, CCF’s fencing emphasizes proper form control.  CCF follows the classical French school of fencing, as opposed to other classical fencing styles such as the Italian school, using techniques and disciplines derived from 19th century fencing masters.

Each CCF session runs two hours.  A usual session emphasizes footwork, bladework drills, proper timing, and distance, usually leaving ample time for bouting in order to hone our skills.

All beginners start with the foil, the training tool that is considered to contain all the other classical weapons, the dueling sword and the saber.  Advanced CCF members also learn other weapons, such as the small-sword, the cane, and knife fighting.

CCF has an active group of dedicated club members. Some members who assist with club operations are:

Patrick T. Morgan, Esq.  CCF’s Head Instructor
Chris O’Keefe,  Assistant Instructor
Scott “Doc” Lucchese, M.D. Médecin de Salle
Scott Wright, Webmaster

We are also quite committed to learning more about fencing, as well as teaching and informing the community about the benefits and practices of classical fencing.  In that vein, newcomers are always welcome!

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