Fencing Goals

H. Angelo's Fencing Academy by Rowlandson, 1787.On the last Saturday of the month, regular instruction in various weapons is suspended  for a club-wide focus on our individual fencing goals for the year.  Tending to our New Year’s Resolutions enables a fencer’s skills to progress in an individually tailored manner.


On the first Saturday of each month, club members of all fencing levels come together to engage in judged bouts; this is affectionately referred to as Saturday-Dome.  Judged bouts enable members to apply their developing skills to the piste.  In addition to fencing others, members have the opportunity to carefully observe tactics and techniques, to judge, and to preside over bouts.

Intermediate fencers may be invited to participate in academic assaults to further develop essential skills.  Afterwards, club members with free-fencing privileges  may be able to bout among themselves.

David Achilleus of Trovare di SpadaUpcoming Events

CCF periodically participates in events with neighboring classical fencing clubs, such as hosting David Achilleus of Trovare di Spada for a training session (left). These events will be announced on our blog so be sure to follow us by using one of the links in the footer below.


Occasionally, CCF members travel around the country and participate in classical fencing tournaments.  Check our posts here for announcements about upcoming events or possible photos and videos of club members’ participation.

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