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Giuseffi Places at 2018 Show-Me State Games

Congratulations to our fellow CCF fencer Francesco Giuseffi who won third place in this weekend’s fencing competition in the 2018 Show-Me State Games. He is officially the third best fencer in the entire State of Missouri!

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Colonel Thomas Monstery, and the Training of Jaguarina, America’s Champion Swordswoman

Originally posted on Martial Arts New York:
“In the encounter with Monstery, at the end of a four hours’ bout neither of the parties had gained a point, and the combat was declared a draw.” ? During the late nineteenth…

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Foin /fɔɪn/ Archaic. Etymology: From Old French foene, Latin fuscina (trident). noun (plural foins) a thrust or any varying thrusting weapon. verb (foins, foining, foined) to thrust with a sword or stab. See also French: fouine (a marten).

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This is Your Brain on Fencing

This is your brain on fencing: How certain sports may aid the aging brain. Rockwell Classical Fencing shared the following link that summarizes selected research on how fencing affects the aging brain. It is a short summary of an Italian … Continue reading

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Fencing and Dance

A gentleman of the 18th Century was schooled in the arts of fencing, dance, and horsemanship. What evidence do I cite? Well… the monkeys, of course! The Fencing Master and The Dance Instructor Christophe Hüet, from Singeries, ou différentes actions … Continue reading

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