This is Your Brain on Fencing

This is your brain on fencing: How certain sports may aid the aging brain.
20150407-185944.jpgRockwell Classical Fencing shared the following link that summarizes selected research on how fencing affects the aging brain. It is a short summary of an Italian study on the topic, as well as related research. The main point of the research and this story supports the claim that the physical and mental workout integral to fencing is beneficial to the aging brain.

“While younger participants fared better on the tasks than the older ones, both the younger and older fencers performed better overall than their nonathlete peers. “

Read the complete story here.

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1 Response to This is Your Brain on Fencing

  1. Abe says:

    The fact you can fence at any age is one of the reasons I love fencing. Lets see… when I’m 94, I’ll have 70 years of fencing experience under the belt. Those young whippersnappers won’t stand a chance!!!!

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