Get Started

Columbia Classical Fencing is committed to teaching and informing the community about the benefits and practices of classical fencing.  Club members are notably welcoming and supportive of newcomers who consist of adults and adolescents. If interested in classical fencing, contact Patrick Morgan, Head Instructor,  and visit a practice session.

Joining CCF

After visiting us and talking with our Head Instructor, a membership fee of $25 and monthly dues are required.

Beginners Fencing Gear

A beginner’s first few sessions do not require fencing equipment.  The club has some equipment to temporarily loan until you purchase your own.  Once you have decided to join, you will need an approved jacket, mask, glove, and practice foil with French grip. Most club members use modern fencing jackets, masks (etc.).

Often a beginners kit with jacket, mask, glove, and foil are good values and cost approximately $150.  Some kits include a gear bag which is not necessary, but very convenient. When purchasing your gear, adhere to these guidelines:

  • A front-zip jacket is strongly recommended for convenience.
  • A standard size adult foil has a#5 blade and is what is used by most adult and teenage club members.
  • A French foil grip is required for beginners unless otherwise approved by the Head Instructor. Be sure to order the correct one depending upon whether you are right or left-handed.
  • For your own safety, you should confirm that the jacket and mask you purchase are rated at 350 Newtons (350N).  This is an industry-standard measurement of force resistance required nearly everywhere for bouting safety.

Equipment Vendors

There are several vendors that cater to regional and national markets. Although CCF does not endorse any particular vendor our brand, the links below will help you find what you need. Most vendors are located on the East or West Coasts.  Given our geographic location, shipping is usually comparable from either coast.

Beginners should plan on upgrading the round guard (Fr.,  coquille) that comes with a typical practice foil in their first six months.  Once a beginner starts bladework, a figure-eight or rectangular Mérinac coquille (typically $20-$40) will better facilitate classical French actions. These can be purchased from Benjamin Arms or several club members who make coquilles.

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