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Point d’Arrêt

There is something exceptionally satisfying about landing a touch on one’s opponent and having it stick as if dueling with sharps. Rather than a button skipping off-target when landed with a glancing angle, there can be no question about the … Continue reading

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Care and Maintenance: Fencing Weapons

Fencing weapons, either for salle or stage, are not without maintenance needs. This post is offered in the spirit of helpful suggestions for keeping your fencing weapons in good condition, especially for the newcomer. First, a few disclaimers. I am … Continue reading

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Care and Maintenance: Fencing Uniform

One of the wonderful things about fencing is there is so much to learn and experience. An essential element of fencing that is all too frequently overlooked with the uninitiated is the care and maintenance of one’s fencing uniform — … Continue reading

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The Fencing Mask: Trading Fencing Purity for Safety

The fencing mask that modern fencers would recognize as such was not invented until the latter half of the 18th century.  However, that’s not to say that there were no fencing masks before this time.  Before that time, a fencing … Continue reading

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