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La Canne et Baton

Given some CCF members’ recent foray into Baton de Joinville, I thought this image would be appropriate. As is the case with other diagrams previously posted on CCF, this appears to be from an illustrated dictionary or encyclopedia, circa 1915. … Continue reading

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Cane and Umbrella Defense Demo

In this short, three-part video series, Florine Michelin, Daniel Jaquet, & Thomas Schmutziger present an excellent demonstration of late 19th Century and early Twentieth Century street defense with cane and umbrella. Their presentation, both humorous and academic, occurred at Dreynevent, … Continue reading

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La Canne in Images

An overview of the history of Nineteenth Century French cane defense (la canne) has already been presented by Morgan here. Below are some visual references* to the use of the cane and to the Paris Apaches as depicted in the … Continue reading

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La Canne: Nineteenth Century French Cane Fencing

Columbia Classical Fencing, LLC, will soon start studying la canne, or cane fencing as it was practiced in the French salles in the 19th century.  For the benefit of CCF’s members and whoever else may be interested, I’m posting here … Continue reading

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