Classical Fencing Academies and Schools

In the past few years, several classical fencing outlets have emerged. Although we cannot link to all of them, here are some established schools and academies:

  • Martinez Academy of Arms. Maestro Ramon Martinez remains a preeminent source for classical and historical fencing. With Maestra Jeanette Acosta-Martinez, the Martinez Academy of Arms maintains the French, Italian, and Spanish fencing traditions. Their website is a great source of information. (See also the Association for Historical Fencing.)
  • Cote du Golfe School of Fencing. As an assistant instructor in foil and dueling sword in the Martinez Academy of Arms, Russell Hogg continues the classical fencing tradition in Florida’s Naples and Ft. Myers regions.
  • Palm Beach Classical Fencing. Kim Moser, a long-time student of Maestri Martinez and Acosta-Martinez, maintains a salle in Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Salle Saint-George. Located in Seattle, Washington, Cecil Longino’s salle is inspired by the unjustly overlooked Joseph Boulougne, le Chevalier de Saint-George: composer, violinist, and escrimeur extraordinaire.
  • In Ferro Veritas. Long an advocate for classical fencing, Maître Adam Crown maintains his salle in Ithaca, New York.
  • Trovare di Spada. Here in Missouri, David Achilleus offers a sala di arma in St. Louis, teaching Italian dueling weapons of the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • The Fencing Masters Program. Offered in San Jose, California, the Fencing Masters Program is a university course based on the Scuola Magistrale Militare di Roma, i.e., the Military Fencing Masters School of Rome.


Vendors: Weapons and Accoutrements

Quality classical fencing equipment is hard to come by. However, there are a few vendors—more properly, craftsmen, artisans, and sword cutlers—whom the classical fencing community have come to trust. We have purchased or seen their craftsmanship and are never disappointed.

  • Benjamin Arms. Benjamin Bowles creates first-rate, affordable classical fencing equipment. Highly recommended.
  • Dennis Graves, master sword cutler, has left an illustrious career in theatrical weaponry as head of No Quarter Arms to focus on weapons for use in salles. His work is among the finest. He makes a broad array of Italian and French foils, dueling swords, sabers, and smallswords. He prefers to speak with clients and can be contacted directly at 720-600-5994.
  • Darkwood Armoury. From daggers to bucklers to rapiers, Darkwood makes it all.

Other vendors whom we do not yet have direct experience with, but have caught our attention are:

Vendors: Fencing Gear

Although CCF does not endorse any particular vendor our brand, the links below will help you find what you need. Most vendors are located on the East or West Coasts. Given our geographic location, shipping is usually comparable from either coast.

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