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The Martinez Academy of Arms’ Academia

Recently, I was privileged to participate in the first ever Martinez Academy of Arms Academia in New Orleans, Louisiana. This was a gathering of all the MAA schools and academies, including Palm Beach Classical Fencing, Côte du Golfe School of … Continue reading

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The Cavé in French Swordsmanship

French fencing masters wrote about the cavé (pronounced cahv-ay) as a distinct fencing action. In French, caver means to cave in or collapse. The cavé thus described how a fencer would change or position his wrist or body to create a sharp angle—“caving in” from, … Continue reading

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The Thrust of Botte Coupée

In their 17th-and 18th-century texts, the old French masters used to discuss a thrust known as the botte coupée. This was not another way of referring to the coupé, that is, the simple attack better known as the cut-over. Instead, … Continue reading

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Some French Commentary on the Parries

Guillaume Danet, Les Art des armes (1766): Because it assures one’s defense, the parry should be considered as the most essential part of fencing, and yet we see it as the most neglected today. If it is useful to know … Continue reading

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Featuring Mr. Philip Crawley

This is for all of you who are fans of French fencing in its various forms.  P.T. Crawley has translated into English several French fencing books.  Here is a small selection: Girard’s “A Method for Smallsword & Spadroon”:  Leboucher’s “Theory … Continue reading

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