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French Authors’ Use of the False Attacks and Feints

I.  Introduction Recently, I’ve been trying to drill down on the French authors’ conceptual and mechanical distinctions between fausse attaques—i.e., false attacks—and feints.  Although ostensibly different, it appeared to me that the boundaries between false attacks and feints could easily … Continue reading

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(Re)Introducing Maître Augustin Grisier (Part 1 of 2)

Augustin Grisier remains one of my favorite French fencing masters. In a time when duels to the death or even first blood were still fought in Europe, fencing masters must have led drama-filled lives.  Surely, others’ living during that time … Continue reading

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Teaching Classical French Fencing in Montréal

CCF Instructor Patrick Morgan has been invited to teach at the Rencontre des Arts Martiaux Historique du Québec (“Historical Martial Arts Meeting Quebec”) in Montréal, Canada.  Patrick will be teaching a workshop on, naturally enough, classical French fencing.  For those … Continue reading

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The Story of a Small-Sword

Here is an 1885 article I found a while back.  The article fictionalizes a small-sword’s biography, from its creation to its retirement. The article is from the charmingly-named Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art.  Besides its celebration of … Continue reading

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CCF’s Fencers in Local News

One of CCF’s fencers was recently featured in one of our local papers.   It’s a nice little multimedia piece on her and CCF.  Give it a read. Here’s the link.

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