Teaching Classical French Fencing in Montréal

CCF Instructor Patrick Morgan has been invited to teach at the Rencontre des Arts Martiaux Historique du Québec (“Historical Martial Arts Meeting Quebec”) in Montréal, Canada.  Patrick will be teaching a workshop on, naturally enough, classical French fencing.  For those on Facebook, you can see more information about the 2013 event here:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/193102777393222/.

Translated from a link to the 2012 event, here is a description of the Rencontre des Arts Martiaux Historique du Québec:

The Rencontre des Arts Martiaux Historique du Québec (RAMHQ) is an event aimed at bringing together groups from within and without Quebec that share a passion for martial arts weapons while having some connection with history.  The martial arts have a long and rich history, often dark but sometimes edifying, that tells us a lot about our nature and our capabilities.  Almost all peoples on the Earth can boast of having, at one time or another, created a martial art, but today few can still boast of having preserved them.  Fortunately, this heritage is increasingly recognized, and some are motivated not only to promote living traditions but to rebuild extinct practices.

Patrick is grateful to RAMHQ’s organizers for the opportunity to further promote classical French fencing in Canada.

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