Intact Spanish Shipwreck with 17th Century Swords Found


Pirate Captain, Sir Henry Morgan. From The History of the Buccaneers of America by Alexandre Olivier Exquemelin.

My personal interests for all things anthropological & archaeological may be showing, but I think this is a story to watch for anyone interested in historic swords, even though it predates our main focus on the Classical Period. Archaeologists searching for the ship of infamous pirate Captain Henry Morgan stumbled upon a rare intact shipwreck, the remains of the Encarnación, which went down in 1681. This Spanish vessel, not yet looted, in only 40 feet of water, and with good preservation, is a potential treasure trove of archaeological and anthropological information. Although swords are only briefly mentioned, this is a story to watch as it unfolds and we learn more about the weapons in her hold. To read the full story of the discovery and see images of the site, visit this link.

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2 Responses to Intact Spanish Shipwreck with 17th Century Swords Found

  1. Scott says:

    As sad as it is, looting is one of the primary threats to archaeological sites today. Last I checked, history belongs to everyone but unfortunately, some just see profit margins.

  2. Abe says:

    lol — “not yet looted”.
    Anyone for a 17-th century sword looting trip? Some swimming required.

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