Review of Saturday, January 8

Comme d’habitude, today we solidified what we were working on last Thursday:  in this case, parrying and riposting while remaining in the lunge.

Through experimentation and questioning, we learned today that there are a number of ways to respond to the opponent’s riposte.  We can:

  1. parry laterally and bind to the low lines, or
  2. circular parry (and, again, bind to the low lines).  A circular parry is particularly appropriate if the opponent’s parry is close in our inside line.

Others experimented with their own response.

Next Thursday, we will continue to work on this.  Additionally, we’ll review the responses to having our blade seized.  Do you remember the responses to a prise de fer?

  1. the ceding parry,
  2. the intercepting parry,
  3. the cavé.

See you guys Thursday!

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