Review of Thursday, January 6, 2011

Last Thursday, the advanced folks worked on something new: parrying and riposting while remaining in the lunge position. Below are some of the things to remember:

* From the lunge, do not rock back and forward.
* Don’t drift to centerline! When you are parried, do not allow your opponent’s parry to carry you arm to centerline. Instead, allow your wrist and fingers to bend with your opponent’s parry, keeping your arm in the line in which it attacked.
* As your opponent ripostes direct (not by disengage or seizing your blade), bend your elbow slightly and flex the fingers and wrist to maintain contact with his blade, repositioning his your blade on his to align your forte to his foible. It is okay if your point comes off the target. Remember: the elbow bend is slight—keep it supple.
* Once your forte recovers the foible to medium portion of your opponent’s blade, you can counter-riposte direct or bind his blade to the low lines.
* When you recover, remain in the line in which you ended.
* The most important thing: keep it soft! The French style is not forceful and resisting, but instead flows with whatever force it receives (my apologies to George Lucas).

We’ll work on this again tomorrow! Also, please remember to bring dues if you haven’t already paid.

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