Make-up Class on Sunday, January 23

Tomorrow, Sunday, January 23, will be a make-up class at the Jazzercize studio.  We will meet from 2:00 to 3:30.  (We need to be out of there promptly as a class starts shortly after we end and I’m not sure how early the Jazzercize instructors arrive.)

More broadly, this will be part of our inclement weather policy going forward:  that is, when we miss a day due to weather, we will try to have a make-up session in the ensuing week.  Of course, this will be contingent on space availability.

Also, something to remember with all this snowy weather:  when you arrive, please spend an extra moment drying off your shoes on the mats to the sides of the door.  Understandably, Laura Kitzi doesn’t want people tracking in snow, slush, etc., into the studio.  Better yet, wear your boots and take them off when you arrive, putting your fencing shoes on once you are inside.  If you see some wet spots needing attention, please wipe them up.

Finally, at fencing today, I showed a YouTube clip featuring some diligently classical French fencing.  People asked me to provide a link and here it is.

Again, consider yourself informed:  tomorrow, Sunday, at 2:00.  See you there!

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