La Canne Italiana

At CCF, the advanced students have been studying la canne recently.  We have focused on la canne’s French origins, using established 19th century techniques.  However, lest anyone begin to doubt for a moment that the Italians would neglect an opportunity to excel at un sistema di combattimento, check out these videos. 

The videos show la canne italiana, a cane-fighting system that is demonstrably martial:  the hits are solid and even strike the arms; the system indulges few flourishes and, moreover, uses the point of the cane to hit.  (Indeed, the system looks like saber with a stick.) 

This one shows a what seems to be a standard bout: 

There is even a “full contact” session (including kicks and cane seizing!):  (This is reminiscent of canne chausson.)

Finally, note that la canne italiana has even been incorporated into a video game:

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