Historical Fencing Resources from Cercle des Escrimeurs du Pays Vençois

Haut les MasquesA French fencing website caught my attention recently. The site belongs to Cercle des Escrimeurs du Pays Vençois.  The page that sparked my interest consists of a series of fairly detailed fencing timelines organized by topic.  The topics are numerous and varied. Historical milestones in fencing, biographies, weapons, technical aspects, children’s books, women, humor, and even medical theses  are just a some of the topics laid out chronologically. And there is more. Where possible, the site links to digitized copies of original manuscripts (en français, of course).  Is my history geek-ness showing?

If it sounds interesting (and who among us wouldn’t find something of interest there?), then click-through to Pays Vençois.  Here’s a link via Google Translate.

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