Sabre Injuries at Waterloo

The Waterloo 200 Project commemorates the importance of the Battle of Waterloo upon its 200th anniversary.  Among other things, the site highlights 200 artifacts relating to the battle.  This includes human remains of people who fought and died there.  One relic is of particular interest to historic fencers in that it provides evidence of likely battlefield sabre cuts to an individual’s skull cap; a solemn reminder of  live sabre use.

The site indicates:

This is the upper skull of a French soldier who fought at the Battle of Waterloo. It has multiples cuts on it, from sword wounds suffered by the soldier. Judging by their size and shape, they were probably inflicted by a British cavalry sabre, a weapon that was designed to cause long, slashing injuries.

Additional details and photos from multiple angles of this individual can be examined at the site.

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