An Eventful August, 2015

Patrick Presents Club Patches

Patrick conveys the steeped history and tradition of classical fencing to CCF members about to receive club patches. August, 2015.

August was indeed a very eventful month for Columbia Classical Fencing as numerous members earned their club patch, and as we bade adieu to two burgeoning classical scholars.  Veteran club members participated in coordinated events on two separate weekends to test numerous club members in classical fencing terms, theory, and in application of form. In completing a rigorous introductory curriculum to classical fencing, newly patched members demonstrated their knowledge of the basics of classical fencing, and earned the right to free-fence in the CCF salle.

Patched Member, August 2015

Patrick (rear) presents Justin, Michaela, Kristine, Heather, & Logan with their CCF patches. Not pictured, Auden. August, 2015.

Auden earned his patch! August, 2015.

Auden earned his patch! August, 2015.

It is with a heartfelt congratulations CCF recognizes the efforts and accomplishments of newly patched members Justin, Michaela, Kristine, Auden, Heather, Logan, Ella, and Clara.  They have each shown a focused commitment to learn a historic art steeped in centuries-old traditions, mental acuity, physical discipline, honor, social grace, and history.

Several CCF Members, August 2015

Tikvah, Scott, Ella, Kristine, Clara Michaela, Patrick (front-row); Andrea, Francesco, Abe, Chris, Justin (back row). August, 2015.

Additionally, CCF bade adieu to Ella and Clara as they forge new paths in college where they will major in differing aspects of Classical Studies and Near Eastern Archaeology.  Secretly, their dad hopes they will also share a thing or two about classical fencing with campus sport fencers.  To mark their transition, the club presented each of them with 18th Century framed prints of Juno and Minerva on vellum. This was made possible due to the generosity of club members and the efforts of Chris and Beth O’Keefe in locating and coordinating these gifts.  Also, out of his great generosity and desire to spur interest in history and in fencing, CCF member Dr. Scott Lucchese independently gifted a pair of late 19th or early 20th Century foils to Clara and Ella.

CCF Logo

Toucher et ne pas l’être
“To touch and not be touched”

Attributed to Molière,  toucher et ne pas l’être is the
axiom of classical fencing, and the CCF motto.

Special thanks to Andrea & Kent for sharing photographs.
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