Latest News June, 2013

Recent & upcoming events have brought variety to the CCF salle.  In May, Patrick presented at the Quebec Historical Martial Arts Seminar (Recontre des Arts Martiaux Historiques du Québec) where he shared classical French foil techniques with a largely historic fencing crowd.  While there, he participated in a Rondel dagger class and brought back some techniques to CCF.

Recently, CCF began to set aside la canne instruction and turn attention to the dueling sword under Patrick’s tutelage.  Although we will continue to periodically hone our skills in various weapons for a portion of each practice session, dueling sword will be the main emphasis.

This Thursday is Fight Night!  All weapons will be used as we prepare for Saturday’s event.  On Saturday May 29th, CCF will host several members of Baited Blade from St. Peters, Missouri.  We will suspend our routine on Saturday for an extended bouting with our classical fencing neighbors from 2:00 to approximately 5:00 PM.  In addition, Baited Blade will have information available about their forthcoming Sentiment du Fer event in September.

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2 Responses to Latest News June, 2013

  1. Scott says:

    Becca, thanks to you and all the Baited Blade fencers for a fantastic fencing session. Certainly I had a great time meeting your salle’s courteous members and loved the challenge of bouting with skilled fencers from another salle. I, too, would welcome a repeat engagement; I will raise this issue with Patrick and CCF members. Thanks again for helping make a great day!

  2. Becca says:

    We had a truly fantastic time fencing with you all on Saturday, the 29th. You are gracious hosts, competent, talented fencers, and an all-around wonderful group of people. We would like to return for another fencing day, after the event in September if that is agreeable to you all. 🙂 We look forward to seeing you all at SDF. More information coming to the website very soon!


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