Web Site Revisions

Madame Collie Fencing at Angelo's <br>T. Rowlandson, 1816.

Madame Collie Fencing at Angelo’s, by T. Rowlandson, 1816.

The Columbia Classical Fencing web site has changed in the last few weeks.  The necessary club info for prospective members is still available, but the site is now fully integrated into a blog.  Prior posts were categorized and tagged.  Patrick will still make his informative posts about theory or history when his schedule permits (although I may post his articles on his behalf) and there will be the occasional announcement or link to interesting/related topics.  The nice thing about a blog is it is a dynamic medium so we hope you will participate!

You can keep apprised of the latest club announcement or informative fencing post by subscribing to the blog via email, RSS feed, or follow Patrick’s CCF page on Facebook (links for each are in the footer).  Better yet, I hope you will consider creating a WordPress account if you do not already have one and participating in the classical fencing discussion. Ask questions or share your knowledge with lesser experienced members.

Recent posts include Patrick’s history of the fencing mask,  The Fencing Mask: Trading Fencing Purity for Safety as well as a link to  Tom Rockwell’s new smallsword offerings.

Take a look at the reinvented www.columbiaclassicalfencing.com and join the conversation.


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