Classical Fencing Tournament in Palm Beach

As I mentioned, here is the information for the classical fencing tournament in Florida.

Kim Moser’s Palm Beach Classical Fencing is, sensibly enough, located in Palm Beach, Florida.  On Saturday, March 26th, Kim’s club is hosting a classical fencing tournament.  This tournament will feature foil, dueling sword (épée), and saber.  (Please note that you have to follow the specific rules for these weapons.)

On Sunday, March 27th, Palm Beach Classical Fencing will host a three-hour class taught by Maestro Ramon Martinez.   After that, there will be an hour of free fencing.

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2 Responses to Classical Fencing Tournament in Palm Beach

  1. oosnoopy says:

    For epee you need actual blades with a pointe d’arrets on them. Where on earth do you get those?

    • S.Wright says:

      I’ve just recently joined the CCF blog and found your comment had previously been overlooked.
      By coincidence, I think I noticed them on As stated elsewhere, I have not done business with Tom, but he has been helpful with my questions about coquilles.

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