Welcome to CCF’s Blog

We’re tentatively starting a blog for CCF for a number of reasons.  First, I can make announcements.  Also, I can post notes or summaries about the last class.  And, perhaps most important, I can talk trash about Noah.

To that end, let’s look at what we’ve been introducing/reviewing (as the case may be):

Actions on the Blade

I.  Attacks on the Blade

A.  Beats (battement)

B.  Pressures (pression)

C.  Expulsions (froissement)

D.  Glide [Notethis is a classical French foil classification, but CCF classifies the glide as a simple attack]

II.  Taking of the Steel (Prise de Fer)

A.  Bind (liement)

B.  Croise

C.  Opposition

D.  Envelopment (enveloppement)

Some of you are, of course, working on the liement and responses to it.

Also, note that we have a glossary available now.  So, if you show up Thursday, I’ll hand it out to you.  This should make it easier for all of us to get a handle on these terms.

Finally, I should note that we wouldn’t have this useful blog without Kevin.  Show some gratitude, people.

See you Thursday!

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