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The Flamberge

Related to the German flammenschwert (flame sword), the flamberge (flame blade) was a rapier variation named for its undulating blade. Found among the upper class in the 17th Century, the flamberge variant is also seen in the transitional rapier, the … Continue reading

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4th of July

Reminder: due to Independence Day, our Saturday July 4th practice is cancelled.  We will resume our regular schedule on Thursday, July 9th. Given the occasion, here is some related artwork of historic American fencing weapons and accoutrements. They are drawings of one of Washington’s … Continue reading

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Smallsword Reminders

If you have spoken with Patrick about starting smallsword, then the time is at hand. If you have not yet done so, you will need to purchase a glove for the off-hand. Also, a plastron is advisable for safety, and … Continue reading

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The Cavé in French Swordsmanship

French fencing masters wrote about the cavé (pronounced cahv-ay) as a distinct fencing action. In French, caver means to cave in or collapse. The cavé thus described how a fencer would change or position his wrist or body to create a sharp angle—“caving in” from, … Continue reading

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Angelo on Mounting and Choosing a Blade

Domenico Angelo’s L’Ecole des Armes Several historic texts on small sword and classical fencing have withstood the test of time.  Few have resonated as well as Domenico Angelo’s L’Ecole des Armes, originally written in French and published in London in … Continue reading

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