Toucher et ne pas l’être
“To touch and not be touched”

Attributed to Molière,  toucher et ne pas l’être is the
axiom of classical fencing, and the CCF motto..

As Mid-Missouri’s only classical fencing salle , Columbia Classical Fencing, LLC, offers regularly-scheduled beginner class in classical French foil for teenagers and adults.  For those who complete the foil curriculum, CCF also offers ongoing classes in other classical weapons, such as, among others, the French small-sword, the Italian saber, and the dueling sword.  On a limited basis, CCF also offers private instruction.

Patrick T. Morgan, Esq.  CCF’s Head Instructor
Chris O’Keefe,  Assistant Instructor
Scott “Doc” Lucchese, M.D. Médecin de Salle
Scott Wright, Webmaster

Read more about CCF or get CCF’s location and times.

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