Cristina’s Bucket List

This post is a reblogged from the Martinez Academy’s November newsletter. Please consider a donation either to Columbia Classical Fencing’s contribution (via Patrick), or to the “gofundme” site setup for Cristina.


Cristina Dewey is one of Provost Cecil Longino’s students at Salle Saint George. Not only has she shown great promise as a fencer but also is one of the finest human beings that we have ever met. Many of you remember her from her presence and participation at the Academia in New Orleans. Unfortunately, at this time her desire to become a great fencer looks like it will never be realized unless the Creator grants us a miracle. Cristina is engaged in the greatest battle of her life and though the odds are against her she is battling on with courage, sureness’, dignity and hope. She is teaching us with every breath of her life, that we must never give up hope and battle on.

Having battled cancer for over three years the disease has spread through her lungs, spine, pelvis and is showing no signs of slowing down.  Doctors have given her 18 months provided that she follows a strict regime of treatments.

Cristina has expressed her desire to fulfill a “Bucket List” before her granted time comes to an end. Among the items on her list is a visit to New York City. Unfortunately, due to medical expenses and the inability to work, Christina is unable to afford to do this for herself.

One of the precious treasures found within our tradition in Martinez Academy is the development of “esprit de corps”. We are therefore asking all of you who are her brothers and sisters in arms to come together as one extended family to assist in making a trip to New York City a reality for her.

We are asking of those who can, to contribute to her “gofundme” campaign.

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