Introducing The Smallsword Project


Angelo, demonstrating the 5th position of the salute, Plate 14, 1763.

The smallword is a multifaceted and fascinating weapon, the domain of which encompasses such rich topics as history, culture, honor, defense, status, strategy, discipline, grace, and art.  It is challenging, both in practice and in study.

Historic texts are scattered across the web in various languages, and accessing accurate information is typically quite cumbersome.  Finding skilled swordsmen who can demonstrate historically accurate and effective use of the smallword is an even greater challenge given the rarity of the practice.  Further complicating matters are the difficulties in procuring a historically accurate and safe practice weapon, for the market is fraught with disparate sword suppliers who offer wall-hangers of questionable quality or unsafe materials that would fracture if ever put to use.

The Smallsword Project hopes to help remedy these difficulties.  The goal is to more easily connect the interested student of the smallsword to historically accurate information. Specific intents are: to provide centralized access to various texts, either in the form of digitized originals/facsimiles in public domain or to translated works for sale; to provide historic context in which smallsword practice emerged; to link individuals to armouries producing historically accurate practice weapons; to connect students to fencing schools, clubs, academies and workshops/seminars where historically accurate smallsword use is taught; to publish historic and contemporary visual media associated with the weapon; and to facilitate an exchange of resources and information among interested parties.

As a result, this blog intends to evolve and develop with your input. Do you know of a new translation or a have you located a nice engraving? Share a resource here. Just wish to learn more?  Visit:

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